Introducing Nexgen Aviation Private Jet Charter

Nexgen Aviation's private jet charter division is Kentucky's premier air transportation service provider for private jets.  Servicing all of North America, we provide safe, convenient, and reliable transportation in our new, modern jet aircraft.  These jets are not only efficient and affordable, but they are much newer than other charter fleets.  Based in Lexington, KY, Nexgen is close to any destination in the eastern half of the U.S. and with our floating fleet of jet aircraft, we can provide a cheaper price from almost anywhere.  We offer multiple options for each customer to fit their demands while maintaining a culture of safety with our ARGUS rated crews.  We strive for convenience and customer service from our sales staff to our pilots.  When you want to book a charter flight with us, just contact our charter sales department and we will conveniently schedule your upcoming flight.  Just show up to the plane on your time and we will have you airborne in a matter of minutes.  No TSA, no lines, and no being dragged off of oversold flights!  Email or call us today for more information on how Nexgen can service your travel needs.

At Nexgen, we don't believe in putting every client into a one size fits all program.  We embrace choice and flexibility.  Whether you fly a lot or a little, fly mostly round trips or one-ways, or utilize multiple aircraft types, we have a program that will fit your needs.  Our charter programs require no initiation fees or monthly fees.  We will send you the best options for each trip, just return our signed  terms and conditions selecting the aircraft that you prefer and you are ready to fly.


Nexgen utilizes a modern fleet of jet aircraft that are reliable and very efficient.  We choose aircraft manufacturers that have stood the test of time and are leading in their respective classes.  We offer a variety of private jet aircraft within our Nexgen charter fleet, and can provide guaranteed availability from one of our preferred operators when our aircraft are unavailable.  Choose any size aircraft to fit your mission including light jets, midsize, and large cabin jets.  We have access to a worldwide fleet of ARGUS and Wyvern Safety rated aircraft and crews.

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